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W.G. Company Inc. is importing and distributing a range of consumer products in such categories as office equipment, home utility, health and gym equipment, electronic components, mobile and car accessories and baby products under the StoK brand. The initial target market in Canada will be accessed through online portals like Amazon.com. Gradually the company will advance into direct marketing through distribution networks and then into the manufacture of selected products that generate high sales volumes.

Building on the success and acceptance of the STöK International brand in India the company is looking to expand into other potential markets. An initial examination of the Canadian market indicated that by combining requirements in India with those in Canada economies of scale can be achieved that will benefit consumers in both markets.


Our Humble Beginnings

STöK International was founded in 2015-2016 as an e-commerce company offering a broad range of products, including office equipment, home utility, health and gym equipment, electronic components, mobile accessories and baby products under it own brand “STöK”. STöK enjoys a commanding position in their respective markets and their unique value proposition combines quality, with price effectiveness and timely delivery.

STöK International has a proven track record of offering high quality products. Existing customers are fully satisfied with the service, quality and price of the products. Several of the STöK brand products including a currency counting machine, paper shredder and coffee maker have been tagged as No. 1 on Amazon India. With this experience and proven track record of customer satisfaction the proponents are confident that W.G. Company Inc. will do well in the Canadian/North American market.


W.G. Company Inc. has access to and the support of a skilled team of buyers located where products are being developed and produced and a dynamic marketing and sales team in India constantly identifying new and unique products. This relationship with the parent provides W.G. Company with its competitive advantage.

Namely, the ability to continue to deliver on service, price and quality while at the same time having the resources in place to discover unique and interesting products that they can introduce to consumers.

Why Choose Us?
What We Do?

We focus on identifying and marketing products that consumers require on a daily basis. Our strategy is to offer good quality products at better prices than similar products of competing brands.

Initially our sales will take place through online portals and then subsequently through direct marketing of those products that generate a high demand and therefore can be sold in large quantities.

W.G. Company Inc. will ensure that the products that it offers will be manufactured in facilities that respect local labour laws, do not engage child labour and have environmental policies in place to ensure that no toxic substances are included or used in the manufacture of the products. The company will seek out and give a preference to those manufacturers that engage in fair-trade practices and have human resource policies in place.

Our Social Responsibility
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